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This 2 Day Conference Has Been Designed For The Following Job Functions:

  • COO
  • VP Engineering
  • VP Operations


  • Director, Manager, Supervisor, Team Lead, Superintendent of:
  • Water Services
  • Water Logistics
  • Water Operations
  • Water Management
  • Water Sourcing
  • Water Technology
  • Operations
  • Production/Production Operations
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • And:
  • Manager/Senior Engineer/Foreman of:
  • Water Operations
  • Facilities/Facilities Engineering
  • Completions
  • Environmental
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Drilling

Meet Leading Technology & Service Providers In:

  • Water Treatment Technology Providers
  • Mobile Treatment
  • Evaporation Technologies
  • Crystallization Technologies
  • Produced Water Disposal Options
  • TENORM Handling Solutions
  • TENORM Management & Disposal Options
  • Transportation & Logistical Service Providers
  • Water Tracking System Service Providers
  • Water Storage Companies
  • Water Monitoring Providers
  • Environmental Consultancies
  • Completions Consultants
  • Pumping Companies
  • Water Infrastructure Developers
  • Completion Technology Suppliers
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Mobile Software Systems Companies


The Original Water Management Conference For Marcellus & Utica Returns To Pittsburgh,
Live (& Simultaneously Streamed) On November 1-2, 2022

As development in the Marcellus shale region once again accelerates, wastewater treatment remains a key challenge as the current infrastructure is stretched to its limitations. The region's sustainability necessitates both long-term solutions and short-term answers to meet today's obstacles. Only ten approved disposal wells in Pennsylvania are currently operational or accept oil and gas waste, thus most of the wastewater is shipped to Ohio, which has over 200 brine disposal wells. Moreover, recent links between brine injection and induced seismicity in Ohio and growing competition for wastewater disposal sites from Utica shale development will likely reduce storage space accessible to PA operators. In the future, there may also be fewer chances to reuse produced water in developing new wells. When the amount of produced water exceeds the demand for internal reuse, producers in the region will be forced to look for opportunities for external reuse, which usually requires desalinizing produced water.

There is good news however because today there are new, emerging solutions as multiple vectors justifying more beneficial reuse of produced water converge. Operators could potentially be sitting on top of significant revenue-generating mineral streams contained in their waste brines. The extraction of lithium from produced water, for example, may not be the only way to assist the United States in establishing an independent supply chain for its battery-electric vehicle industry. It might become quite lucrative for Marcellus and Utica operators as well as midstream players.

The combination of these factors makes Shale Gas Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2022 one of the most significant water management conferences since American Business Conferences debuted its pioneering series in 2011.

This year's conference has, as usual, been carefully studied with the market, since we do not accept open “calls for papers” and we do not let vendors speak unless they deliver case study-based material on the researched issues requested by the market. Invariably, this indicates that the subjects have been chosen based on extensive market research that reflects what you mentioned you wanted to learn to uncover actionable insights and solutions.

Network With E&P’s, Regulators, Midstream Players,
New Technology Innovators & Service Providers 

Ensuring Consistent Water Composition For Reuse In Hydraulic Fracturing

Trucking & Water Hauling Including Solutions For Reducing Truck Traffic & Emissions

Lithium & Critical  Mineral Extraction Technologies

Mobile Evaporation Units

Innovation In Gathering Lines To Minimize Emission Releases 

Centralised Commercial Disposal 


New Low Emission Tanks For Storing Fluids At The Wellsite

Water Treatment Services For Recycling Water 

Saltwater Disposal 

Reverse Osmosis Technology For Desalination

Infrastructure Acquisition 

Full Water Life Cycle Management 

Mobile Units To Restore Produced Water For Reuse 

Treatment Of Water For Bacterial Contamination 

Produced Water Treatment Products & Services 

New Recycling & Treatment Technology

Turnkey Water Transfer Packages

Water Midstream Services

Permitting & Legal Services To Help Speed Up The Process 

Water Purification & Separation Technologies 

Solid Waste Management Services 

Reusable Clean Brine As A Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid  

Centralised Storage & Mineral Extraction Facilities 

Microbial Identification And Evaluation Inclusive Of Molecular Testing

High-Performance Filtration Systems 

Water Tracking Technology 

Automation & IoT Applications For Water Management 

Gathering Pipeline Construction 

Gathering Pipeline Leak Detection Services  

Blending Technology 

Water Chemists & Mineral Extraction Partners Including  Water Clarification  

Crystallization Technology 

Desalination Technologies 

Removal Of Suspended Solids, Oil Iron & Bacteria  

New Treatment Technology For Disposal 

Anti-Corrosion Technologies 



  • Developing Innovative Approaches To Reusing More Produced Water, Increasing Takeaway Capacity And Locating More Sustainable Disposal Options
  • Identifying Lithium and Other High-Value Mineral Extraction Opportunities From Produced Water – Also Consider Interconnections With Building A Natural Gas-Powered Hydrogen Hub In The Marcellus Region
  • Expanding Opportunities To Share Water And Improving Scheduling To Maximize The Amount Of Water Available For Fracking
  • Finding Alternatives To Disposal In The Absence Of Cost-Effective Recycling Opportunities Or Water Sharing Infrastructure In Your Immediate Locality
  • Evaporation Units – Technology, Costs & Waste Stream Reduction


  • Understand Regulators; Perspectives on Future Disposal Options & Permitting Challenges
  • Sharing Operator Experiences On Permitting Process Planning Optimization To Improve Timelines
  • Hear From Midstream Service Providers On How To Make The Business Case For Outsourcing Water Storage And Using Centralized Facilities For Recovery & Recycling
  • Discover Emerging Technology In The Fields Of Leak Detection And Automation Of Tracking And Monitoring
  • Ensuring The Long-Term Sustainability Of The Water Management Eco-System In The Marcellus & Utica Regions

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