CoResource Solutions

CORESOURCE SOLUTIONS employs a highly ECONOMIC, efficient and effective process which utilizes automated precise chemical dosing, with the driving force being a patented nano-polymer, which specifically targets the problematic oil and solids in wastewater. It reacts quickly and effectively to create a high quality clean brine. Using simple reverse osmosis efficiently creates fresh water for reuse or surface discharge OR a high quality brine for reuse if salinity exceeds 40000 ppm. The skid mounted 5000 bpd system can be scaled to 10000 bpd quickly.

CORE is currently discharging water at surface in Montana and about to be in Wyoming. However, the proven effectiveness of the process allows for creation of clean brine for reuse even at high salinity levels where surface discharge is not feasible.

CORE just presented in Denver at the COLORADO CLEANTECH INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION (CCIA) Oil & Gas Challenge placing 2nd out of 12 finalists in the "Cleantech" sector.

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