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E&Ps can come up with the optimal water management strategy, but they cannot execute any of it without the right technologies, support, and third-party services.

Contact the ABC team at sponsorship@american-business-conferences.com to reserve strategic speaking slots and/or exhibition booths at the region's first and only one-stop-shop for E&Ps from across the Appalachian looking for the latest water management technologies and services.

  • Water Treatment Technology Providers
  • Mobile Treatment
  • Evaporation Technologies
  • Crystallization Technologies
  • Produced Water Disposal Options
  • TENORM Handling Solutions
  • TENORM Management & Disposal Options
  • Transportation & Logistical Service Providers
  • Water Tracking System Service Providers
  • Water Storage Companies
  • Water Monitoring Providers
  • Environmental Consultancies
  • Completions Consultants
  • Pumping Companies
  • Water Infrastructure Developers
  • Completion Technology Suppliers
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Mobile Software Systems Companies

Coronavirus Update

As an international events business, LBCG is monitoring the Coronavirus situation very closely, whilst continuing to remain focused on the delivery of high-value, critical business information for our delegates and partners at this highly unusual time. Risk will be assessed on an event by event basis according to the timing and geographical locations of the events and participants.

As of now, all of our scheduled upcoming events are planned to take place as usual, unless there official guidance from the relevant government bodies or public health authorities that it is not safe to do so. In some cases, where it is in the best interests of our delegate communities to do so, we have taken the proactive decision to postpone events until later this summer.

Should any speakers not be permitted to travel, we will offer a video conference facility for the presentations so that the event can proceed as planned. Registered delegates who are not permitted to attend due to a travel ban imposed by their employers will be offered the option of live streaming, or a credit for a future event.      

While the actual risks of serious health issues developing posed by catching the virus itself for the average citizen are probably relatively low, we understand that the official advice for people to avoid large gatherings of over 1000 people or more is prudent. Thus we are witnessing the postponement of concerts, sporting events and major trade shows around the world. LBCG events are usually in the region of 100-150 persons, allowing for face to face interaction and important business conversations. The risk of attending one of our events we feel is no greater than a trip to your local restaurant or gym for example.

Meanwhile, life will go on after the virus and normality will return. LBCG events are covering critical technology developments that will shape the future of the industries we serve, in oil & gas, in utilities, in transportation and critical infrastructure. Our events are important and carefully curated - we therefore hope that delegates will continue to attend as planned unless it is not practical or safe for them to do so during this time of uncertainty.

Here are a few of the measures we are taking as a company to ensure the welfare of attendees at our events:

  • Working with our venues and suppliers to implement new on-site processes,including cleaning and disinfecting microphones, laptop keyboards, lecterns, equipment etc. after every speaker, as well as frequently cleaning the equipment and furniture that are being used during the event.
  • Providing information about hand-washing and other personal actions such as handshaking on site at events
  • Reducing paper handouts and unnecessary physical contacts
  • Ensuring our seating is spaced out well in round table format to ensure the comfort of attendees and that people are not closely packed in rows.
  • All LBCG employees and freelance labor onsite will take health and travel questionnaires before being allowed to work on site at our events.


The 2020 Congress Explores...

  • The Use of Deep Well Injections for Disposal Breaking Down Costs,Successes & Regulations
  • E&P Lessons Learned From The Reuse of water for Production Case Studies Of Efficient & Cost-Effective Methods Of Water Handling For Reuse
  • Water Treatment Options - What's available when it comes to the treatment of Water Exploring the Costs & Effectiveness Of The Latest Treatment methods
  • Filtration, Evaporation & Desalination Technology Showcases Comparisons of Costs & Successes on High TDS Water
  • Water Logistics Costs & Efficiencies Exploring Technologies Such As Smart Scheduling & Examining The Case For Unconventional Transportation Options
  • Water Storage Solutions & Regulations Looking at the Options Available For Storage Capacity & Discussing Lessons Learned From The WMGR 123 Permit


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