Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Now Available For 2018

Exhibition Floor Completely Sold-Out In 2017 - Reserve Your Place Early For 2018

E&Ps can come up with the best water management strategy in the world, but they cannot execute any of it without the right technologies, support systems, and supporting services.

This is the Appalachian's premier networking and business development platform for companies wanting to come face-to-face and do business with some of the most active operators in the US and Canadian shale plays. With an even bigger floor plan in 2018, the 8th Annual Cost-Effective Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2018 presents an unmatched opportunity for vendors to capitalize on new business opportunities with E&P operators in the North East.

If having your company aligned with powerhouses in the industry is an important part of your strategy, please contact the ABC team at to reserve strategic speaking slots and/or exhibition booths or to request a floor plan.

Network With:

CEOs, COOs and VPs, Directors & Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors Of...

  • Water
  • Production
  • Facilities
  • Completions

Plus :

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Operations
  • Procurement
  • Field Service
  • EHS

Here's Who Spoke In 2017 > 2018 Line-Up Announced Soon


Marshall Roberts

Director CONVEY Water Systems



Jade Morel

Director, Water Management

EQT Corporation


Kenneth Sell

Water Supervisor - Technical & Reuse

Chevron North America


Nick Inkenhaus

Water Staff Engineer

Range Resources

Luke Marsh

Luke Marsh

Senior EHS Specialist

Cabot Oil & Gas


Stephanie Timmermeyer

Contract Water Engineer

Ascent Resources


Steve Marcil

Operations Engineer

Black Swan Energy


Jeremy Manno

Infrastructure Construction Coordinator

Carrizo Oil & Gas


Burke Grove

Water Foreman

Ascent Resources


Dale Patrick


North Dakota Department of Health Radiation Control


Dan Mueller

Director, Oil & Gas Exploration And Production

Environmental Defense Fund


Andrew Williams

Senior State Regulatory & Legislative Affairs Manager

Environmental Defense Fund

Appalachian's Only Water Management Event Returns To Pittsburgh

Marcellus and Utica Natural Gas production continues to defy the skeptics - rigs are all fired up and giant plays, Marcellus and Utica, are showing no signs of slowing down. With water management continuing to be one of the largest expenses for the industry, the 8th Annual Cost-Effective Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2018 return to Pittsburgh on March 26, 27 & 28.

The 2018 Agenda & Speaker Line-Up Will Be Released On December 15.  Watch This Space

Thoroughly researched with the full spectrum of operators across the Marcellus and Utica plays, the agenda for the eight event in the Appalachian Produced Water Management series directly reflects where the industry is today, and what operators really need to know to improve their water management strategies going forward.

After an overwhelming response to and feedback from the sold-out 2017 event,  American Business Conferences hopes the 2018 event will once again raise the bar on the water management event in the region.

Multiple Registration Options | Make Sure You Don't Miss Out

+ Subsidized E&P Registration Rates      + Group Discounts For E&Ps & Vendors     
+ Sponsorship & Exhibition Options         + Fully Interactive Live Stream Option

Be part of the 8th AnnualCost-Effective Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2018, to collaborate towards a more sustainable and successful future.

I look forward to welcoming you to Pittsburgh in March, 2018.


Alishba Jan

Head of Oil & Gas - American Business Conferences




Brand New Focus Areas In 2018

  • E&P Water Management Strategies For 2018, 2019 & 2020: Understand How E&Ps Plan To Manage & Move Produced Water Volumes Quickly, Cost-Effectively & Efficiently Going Forward
  • 'Recycle & Reuse' Or 'Dispose': Cost-Optimized Approaches For Maximizing E&P Margins & Well Performance
  • Produced Water Recycling & Reuse: Examine The Correlation Between Produced Water Treatment & True Well Performance
  • Technological Advancements In Water Treatment: Improve The Effectiveness & Efficiency Of Water Management Through Portable, Localized & Centralized Systems
  • High-Strength Brine Management Strategies: Plan A > Brine Desalination. Plan B > Salt/Sludge Handing & Revenue Creation
  • TENORM Management Strategies: Safely & Economically Treat, Handle & Dispose TENORMS
  • Utilizing Trucks For Moving Produced Water: Address One Of The Biggest Water Transfer Challenges Right Now > Focusing On Driver Shortage & Automated Truck Tracking
  • Cost-Effective Produced Water Disposal Strategies: Safely Handle Produced Water When Reuse Is Not An Option
  • Deep-Well Injection & Seismicity: Assess Seismicity Risks & Seismic Monitoring Strategies For Newly Permitted Appalachian Wells
  • Alternatives To Deep-Well Injection: Evaporation Technologies | Crystallization Technologies | Membrane Technologies
  • Innovative Temporary Storage Options: Cost-Effectively Handle Produced Water When Disposal Is Backed Up
  • Develop & Implement An Effective Water Transfer Strategy: Focusing On Lowering The Cost Of Produced Water Handling
  • Address & Overcome Key Barriers To Water Sharing: Develop Sharing Agreements While Managing Transparency & Confidentiality Issues


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