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  • Utica Operators
  • North American Oil & Gas E&Ps Outside The Appalachian
  • Government & Regulatory Bodies

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  • Production
  • Facilities
  • Operations
  • Completions


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  • Mobile Treatment
  • Evaporation Technologies
  • Crystallization Technologies
  • Produced Water Disposal Options
  • TENORM Handling Solutions
  • TENORM Management & Disposal Options
  • Transportation & Logistical Service Providers
  • Water Tracking System Service Providers
  • Water Storage Companies
  • Water Monitoring Providers
  • Environmental Consultancies
  • Completions Consultants
  • Pumping Companies
  • Water Infrastructure Developers
  • Completion Technology Suppliers
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Mobile Software Systems Companies

E&P-Led Strategies To Operate Dynamically In A Low-Price, Continually Changing Regulatory Environment

> Pennsylvania's Rig Count Alone Has Jumped Nearly 70% Since June 2016

> Pennsylvania Supreme Court's Decision Legislated On The New Chapter 78 Regulations

The American Business Conferences announces the return of the flagship Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2017 conference to Pennsylvania for its 7th consecutive year on March 29 & 30, 2017.

Operating within the changing regulatory landscape is on top of everybody's minds, and doing it cost-effectively continues be priority number one, whether its for operators in Pennsylvania or in Ohio and West Virginia.

We spoke with dozens of operators across the Marcellus and Utica to get their thoughts on where they are headed and which key produced water treatment issues they want to see addressed and which solutions they are looking out for. The 7th Annual Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2017 conference will be a direct reflection of these conversations.

We're raising the bar and delivering an agenda and speaker lineup that will up-the-ante on water treatment for recycling and reuse as well as safe economic disposal.

> Full conference agenda and speaker line-up will be released in the first week of December, but we give you the opportunity to register at a further discounted price.


If having your company aligned with powerhouses in the industry is an important part of your strategy, this event gives you enormous opportunity to capitalize on.There is really no other event in the region that will you the chance to meet all the active operators with the right purchasing job titles. Please contact the ABC team at



2:1 Supplier/E&P Turnout Expected in Pittsburgh in 2017!

Snapshot of E&Ps at the Rocky Mountains Produced Water Conference in October 2016

Noble Energy, Apache Corporation, Pioneer Natural Resources, Crownquest Operating, Chevron, Red Willow Production Company, BHP Billiton, Nexen Energy, Marathon Oil, Black Swan Energy, Paramount Resources, Oak Ridge Natural Resources, North Shore Energy, Antero Resources, Anadarko Petroleum, Hess Corporation, Liberty Resources, Jonah Energy, Caerus Oil & Gas,Vanguard Natural Resources, QEP Resources, Fifth Creek Energy, WPX Energy, Sandridge Energy, Le Norman Operating

What E&Ps & Suppliers Had To Say About The Low-Cost Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2016 Conference in March

'This continues  to be the go-to event of operators looking for opportunities to share water and options for reducing costs ' - Noble Energy

'Extremely value-added conference for networking and intelligent discussion ' - Anadarko Petroleum

'What a great event to share and work through challenges with your peers immediately ' - Chevron

'Knowledge sharing here will benefit everyone! ' - Rice Energy

'The produced water management conference provides an excellent networking opportunity and platform to discus topics and concerns relevant to the industry ' - Anadarko Petroleum

'Very pertinent - An excellent update as to water handling issues ' - Junex

'Great way to network with operators involved with produced water management ' - Hydrozonix

'Great concept and successful turn out! ' - Well Control Concepts

'Great conference for water management issues ' - Hammerhead

'American Business Conferences are the best focus and content conferences for my business sector - Excellent source of insight and networking ' - Deep River Group

'One of the best networking events I have attended ' - U.S. Department of Energy 


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