Meet The Most Commanding Movers And Shakers From:

  • Marcellus & Utica Operators, including EQT Corporation, EOG Resources, CONSOL Energy, Range Resources, Cabot Oil & Gas, Chesapeake Energy, Antero Resources, Noble Energy, Eclipse Resources, Chevron North America, Ascent Resources, Black Swan Energy, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Alta Mesa Holdings, Seven Generations Energy, ARC Resources, Gulfport Energy Corporation, Murphy Oil, Arsenal Resources and more
  • Government & Regulatory Bodies from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and North Dakota

Networking With:

CEOs, COOs and VPs, Directors & Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors Of...

  • Water
  • Production
  • Facilities
  • Completions


  • Chemical Engineering
  • Operations
  • Procurement
  • Field Service
  • EHS


  • Water Treatment Technology Providers
  • Mobile Treatment
  • Evaporation Technologies
  • Crystallization Technologies
  • Produced Water Disposal Options
  • TENORM Handling Solutions
  • TENORM Management & Disposal Options
  • Transportation & Logistical Service Providers
  • Water Tracking System Service Providers
  • Water Storage Companies
  • Water Monitoring Providers
  • Environmental Consultancies
  • Completions Consultants
  • Pumping Companies
  • Water Infrastructure Developers
  • Completion Technology Suppliers
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Mobile Software Systems Companies

Appalachian's Only Water Management Event Returns To Pittsburgh

Marcellus and Utica Natural Gas production is defying the skeptics, rigs are firing up once again and these giant plays in the Northeast show no signs of slowing down. However with the regulatory landscape changing dramatically, forcing operators to rethink their water management strategies, and growing concerns around TENORM and induced Seismicity, operating cost-effectively and in compliance with newly introduced regulations continues be priority number one.

After extensive rounds of conversations with dozens of operators across the Marcellus and Utica , the 7th Annual Cost-Effective Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2017 returns to Pittsburgh, PA on March 29 & 30. Some of the key questions now being asked are;

''What do we do with our produced water? Do we recycle & reuse or do we dispose it? How do we dispose it? What treatment options are out there? How do we move it? We need to find a solution!''

The 7th Annual Cost-Effective Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2017 conference will be a direct reflection of these key issues and more, and will deliver proven solutions for economic cradle-to-the-grave water management.

> Brand New Focus Areas And Practical Case Studies To:

  • Make The Decision Between 'Low-Cost Disposal' and 'Treatment for Reuse' : Learn 'When-To ' and 'How-T o' to maximize cost savings in all areas of water management
  • Respond To The Act 78A : Learn how E&Ps plan to design and efficiently use Water Storage Impoundments, Well Development Pipelines & Radiation Protection Plans
  • Navigate The Process > Injection & Disposal : Effectively obtain a injection well permit and find out the optimal depth & pressure for constructing SWDs to mitigate earthquakes
  • Eliminate Water At A Similar Cost Of Recycling : Find out what other alternatives technologies are out there that are making it possible
  • Economic TENORM Management : Safe and cost-effective treatment, handling & disposal strategies
  • Raise The Bar On Produced Water Treatment : Approaches to hold treatment companies to a quality standard spec while keeping costs under control
  • Economic Water Treatments For Disposal : Integrated focus on treatment for all water qualities for injection including Bacteria, Scale & TSS
  • Water Sharing : Find out how changing economics are redefining how operators are viewing water-sharing agreements
Marcellus & Utica Dry Gas Production

Source : http://marcelluscoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/gpeat16-report.pdf




Six Consecutive Years Of Sold-Out Exhibition, With On-Site Demos And Trailers!

We spoke with dozens of operators what new things they are watching out for:

  • 'We're looking for treatment technology that is feasible from a cost standpoint'
  • 'What are the best practices now for low cost adequate treatment - what treatment is 'good enough'?
  • 'Recycling is always going to be at the top of our list, it will be interesting to see companies talking about taking chlorides out of the water'
  • 'What other alternatives are out there to eliminate water at a similar cost to recycling?'
  • 'We need to see companies raising the bar and holding treatment companies to a performance spec and improving automation and monitoring and data collection because it's a real input'

This is the only one-stop shop for E&Ps from the Marcellus, Utica and beyond, looking for water treatment technology providers that have stepped up capacity to turnaround several 1000s barrels a day of volume at the lowest cost.

> What E&Ps Had To Say About Produced Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2016

  • 'This continues  to be the go-to event of operators looking for opportunities to share water and options for reducing costs ' - Noble Energy
  • 'Extremely value-added conference for networking and intelligent discussion ' - Anadarko Petroleum
  • 'What a great event to share and work through challenges with your peers immediately ' - Chevron
  • 'Knowledge sharing here will benefit everyone! ' - Rice Energy
  • 'The produced water management conference provides an excellent networking opportunity and platform to discus topics and concerns relevant to the industry ' - Anadarko Petroleum


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